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Yellow Square is a digital agency designing and developing the best Jamstack websites and experiences.

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JamStack consists of constantly updating and progressing tools. This allows us to offer you only the best solutions.

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Resistance to high traffic

If your product suddenly rises to stardom, goes viral and has many active users, the CDN seamlessly compensates.

Faster performance

Stop losing clients because of the poor page speed and performance. Statically generated websites are much faster than traditional websites.

Reduced maintenance costs

Forget about error 500, database connections errors, and many other problems. Maintenance of websites becomes easier and cheaper.


We make your future website almost bulletproof. No need to worry about server or database vulnerabilities. Jamstack pages have no direct to any sensitive data.


Get higher in Google as a bonus. It favours static pages, as they are fast, light, and easy to scan. Also it is much easier to do SEO with the right headless CMS.


You can choose any hosting you prefer. There are no limitations. And anytime you can change it quickly and effortlessly.

Use the full potential of the modern tech stack

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From minimalism to custom art and beyond. Bespoke design for every project.

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Get a modern responsive website and a few essential benefits for your marketing team.

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Cost reduction

Technically correct SEO and improved UX provides organic traffic and save part of the ad budget in the long run.

Unique Design

The unique design of your website will certainly attract the attention of customers, raise brand awareness and distinguish your company from competitors.

The best solutions

JAMstack allows us to select the best and most convenient tools. We are able to use or integrate almost any technology your marketing team is comfortable with.

Content management

Easily manage content with the right CMS for your needs. Your marketers will be able to change the content themselves without involving developers, saving time and money.

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All our departments work together and the interaction process is perfectly adjusted.

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