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A law firm's website, the purpose of which is to schedule a meeting between a client and a lawyer.

Working process

  • Design

    That was challenging. There was no clear task or references, but there was complete trust between the customer and the designers. The second option with a minimalist stylish design hit the nail on the head.

  • Appointment booking

    Integration with Airtable and Integromat allows you to receive notifications of appointments in any convenient form and leaves no chance of accidentally leaving a request unanswered.

  • Blog

    The blog was created to drive organic traffic and improve SEO. It is convenient to share articles in social networks, thereby attracting additional traffic. The WYSIWYG editor gives the administrator the ability to style articles and immediately see the result.

  • Support

    We recorded a training video on content management, and also provided the customer with detailed documentation and CMS instructions customized for their website at the end of the project. No questions left behind.

  • Next JS logo

    Next JS

    Enables to build superfast and extremely user-friendly websites.

  • Strapi logo


    Fully customizable, next-gen open-source headless CMS.

  • Calendly logo


    Scheduling platform that makes “finding time” a breeze.

  • Stripe logo


    Payment and commerce solutions for online-business.

  • Airtable logo


    A low-code platform for building collaborative apps.

  • Vercel logo


    Our favourite static web hosting serverless platform.

  • Axeptio logo


    A go-to solution for every topic that requires user's consent.

Random facts

  • The performance of the desktop version is 100% according to PageSpeed Insights analysis.

  • The site was built using a modular system. This guarantees maximum adaptability at all resolutions.

The universe seems to hint that it's time for us to move to Paris.

We're eating croissants and dreaming that the Neman is not outside the window but the Seine.

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