Creation of an online spirits store. Sounds too easy?

What if alcohol is craft and customers are both B2B and B2C? The website should be no less craft than alcohol.

Working process

  • Design

    A concise interface with minimalistic graphics so that the buyer can feel the atmosphere of each brand and pay all attention to the product.

  • Content

    The sale takes place online only. All information, from basic descriptions to interesting details, should be displayed clearly, without confusion and congestion.

  • Development

    Different accounts for b2b and b2c clients were developed basing on the analysis of their checkout experience. That was challenging!

  • Navigation

    The non-standard catalog structure, as well as intricate search filters for all these craft drinks made us go bananas. It was great, we want more!

  • Commerce layer logo

    Commerce Layer

    Commerce platform that lets to add global shopping capabilities.

  • Netlify logo


    Hosting and serverless backend services for static websites.

  • DatoCMS logo


    Simply put, the most complete, user-friendly Headless CMS.

  • Gatsby logo


    Open-source framework for fast, secure, and powerful websites.

  • Airtable logo


    A low-code platform for building collaborative apps.

  • LiveChat logo


    Online chat and help desk software for websites

Random facts

  • MVP was completed and ready for launch in 3 month.

  • Dato CMS has been selected for further simple and convenient content management.

We are so inspired that if we ever decide to leave IT, we will start making our own craft alcohol.

At least a beer, or maybe something stronger.


Assistance in foreigners' law